Emergency Alerts Across Generations

What if you could create one message and send it out to the friends and members of your church based on their communication preference?  You can.

Text?  Yes.

Phone Call?  Yes.

Email?  Yes.

So, when it snows and you decide to cancel worship on Sunday morning, you can send out a message to millennials, boomers, and the silent generation in one fell-swoop.  (Gen-Xers weren’t coming anyway.)*

Mid-week meeting?  No one wants to venture out on the slick roads?  Yep.  One message via phone, text, or email.

I found two companies that are geared for churches.  If you know of another or use another service, PLEASE comment below!!!

Check out https://www.onecallnow.com/religious or https://www.call-em-all.com.

One-Call-Now offers a yearly subscription for as low as $250 for small churches with a 50-person call list to $1000 for a 500-person call list.  That includes unlimited alerts throughout the year.  You can contact sub-groups, e.g. the choir, Sunday School, etc…  They have a referral program that could benefit the presbytery so please contact your friendly Resource Coordinator, me, to officially refer you and then you can get a quote.  A win-win.  (resourcecenter@highlandspresbyterynj.org)

With Call-Em-All, you buy credits which will cost you 9 cents per credit.  A less-than 30 second message will cost you one credit multiplied by the numbers of contacts you make.  So–

100 contacts x 9 cents = $9.00

50 contacts x 9 cents = $4.50

25 contact x 9 cents = $2.25

You get the idea.

Let me know if this was helpful to you!

Grace and peace,


PS–May the silence of snowfall, the exquisite construction of a bare tree, and the imposed Sabbath of a snow day draw you closer to your Creator.

*It’s a joke.  I’m Gen-X.