Missional Practices during the Pandemic: Focus on Missional Action

Missional Practices during the Pandemic

Whatever we might want to think the Church is not on pause or hold or whatever.

The Church, our faith communities, are still active and doing God’s work.  The work may look and feel different, but we are doing it none the less. Over these last months we have adapted. We have innovated. We have created. We continue to find new paths and directions through our liminal season.

The Missional Practices are tools, habits, and practices we can continue to use during this time.

The Practice of Focus on Missional Action is NOT about observing and having interesting discussion about how “someone should do something”. Mission Action is about observing, naming where God is calling, planning and doing.

Before the Pandemic we were out and about in the world.  We could observe, name, and connect with mission opportunities and needs.  The Pandemic hit and everything felt like it came to a standstill.  But we know it didn’t.  Our mission focus shifted. It has not always been clear where that focus is going or where God is calling but it shifted.

One shift came daily as the news confronted us on our screens about food insecurity.  Food insecurity is all around us all the time. When Pandemic hit millions of people were immediately out of work, out of schools and out of ways to connect with food to put on their tables and to feed their families.  Food Insecurity, locally and worldwide, became a reality almost overnight and on a large scale.

The Practice of Focus on Missional Action is about being prepared to move on the call to action.  Its about spending time before the need to have a plan on how to move quickly.  Even in the midst of the Pandemic we can be preparing for where God is going to call us to action or continue to call us.

Many  of our congregations, pastors, church leaders moved quickly to find ways to obtain, connect with food sources and needed items and to  feed or distribute to  the people while social distancing, wearing masks,  and keeping all virus free.

Some of our Missional Action Congregations during the Pandemic

  • Andover Presbyterian Church has a drive up food distribution
  • Hilldale Park made PPE face shields for front line workers
  • Stewartsville Presbyterian delivered snacks to essential workers
  • First Presbyterian Church of Whippany held a diaper drive
  • First Presbyterian Church of Hackettstown has a Pay it Forward Pantry for food emergencies.

There are many more who are focused on missional action and have been responding during this pandemic to God’s call. God has called and you have answered. Let us continue to the Missional Practices during the Pandemic.

I apologize if I missed your Missional Action during the Pandemic. Please send me an email and I will add your church to the list.