This week is Earth Care week. Yesterday was the 51st Earth Day.

God has given us this creation to care and to enjoy.  The earth needs our help so that future generations- our generation – can enjoy and live a healthy life.

The Board of Pensions shared a video to remind us of our spiritual responsibility to care for God’s Creation.

Let us pray for the Care of the Earth – God’s creation.

Holy One, Holy Three, mother of all creation:

Yours is the womb of life.
Yours is the fountain of living water.
Yours is the voice that breaks down walls.
Yours is the love that cannot be contained.

For the thirsty, you give the water of life.
For the hungry, you offer the bread of heaven.
For the weak, your carry heavy burdens.
For the joyful, you shout in holy laughter.
For the anxious, you summon showers of peace.
For the suffering, you breathe sighs of comfort.

As we pray for the new heaven and new earth, O God,
We give thanks for this earth, our partner in your service.
Move us to hear your voice in the song of the sparrow,
to see your face reflected in the river.
Awaken us to your greatness through the winds of the storm,
and the scent of your grace on the morning dew.
Empower us to hear your prophets in the croaks of evening frogs,
to read your gospel in the webs of writing spiders.

In your great mercy you call us to care from your creation,
to uphold one another, and to pray for your world.
Hear our prayers for the healing of the earth.
For clean water, that all may drink.
For the right use of resources and the careful tending of the land and seas.

With confidence that you hear our prayers,
We offer ourselves for your good purposes,
watching and waiting for the healing of your creation
as we work toward your coming reign.
Through Christ we pray. Amen.