Prayer for Pastors Who are Exhausted

I know some people don’t want to hear  about the Pandemic and COVID any longer.  One person came right out and said “stop talking about the pandemic. It’s over and we have moved on”

How we live with COVID has changed significantly since March 2020. The symptoms from the most recent variant have been described as a “really bad cold”.  Testing and treatment is readily available. We know what to do and how to manage if we get sick with COVID. 

However…the fallout from the three years of living with COVID, the lockdown, the protocols, the backlash and all else that came with those years, is still being felt and experienced.  The post pandemic environment is still emerging and the long term effects of those difficult years are still being worked out. 

The Religion News survey that was published this week is just one of many polls and surveys  that have similar outcomes. Our pastors are in crisis. Many are seeking to leave or take a break from ministry. They are exhausted, burned out,  discouraged, broken and in need of healing in body, mind and spirit.   More conversations and action are needed  in dealing with this crisis.  

Let us pray for the pastors who are in need of healing and renewal of their call to ministry. 

God of Compassion,

You have given us Jesus Christ, the great physician,
Who made the broken whole and healed the sick.
Touch the wounds of our friends and colleagues in ministry,
Relieve their hurts, and restore them to the wholeness of life.
Grant them rest of the soul and renewal of their call to ministry.
Guide us in ways where we can support their next steps to wholeness. 

We pray to you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Hear our prayer.