Presbytery of …Highlands or Skylands…of New Jersey? Your time to vote!

What’s in a Name – The FINAL CHOICE

About 100 of you voted for your top choices for the name of the new presbytery. Here are the final choices. Vote for one of the following. Deadline for votes is 5 pm on Friday, February 26.

Share this information with your congregation, session, and pastor.

The final choice will be announced on March 1!

Presbytery of the Skylands of New Jersey

  • Skylands is a region and marketing area of the State of New Jersey located in the Northern and Central part of the state. It is one of six tourism regions established by the New Jersey State Department of Tourism. The area officially encompasses Hunterdon, Morris, Somerset, Sussex and Warren counties; geographically, the northwestern part of the Passaic County also fits in with the Skylands Region. The beauty of God’s creation is made manifest in the 60,000 acres of state parkland, situated in a diverse geographical area filled with lakes, rivers and picturesque hills. Although a commercial designation, it is a recognizable name for the region in which the Northwestern NJ churches abide.

Presbytery of the Highlands of New Jersey

  • Although the highlands region (preservation and planning area) is part of a rugged corridor of ridges and valleys spanning four States, the NJ portion resides almost entirely within the Northwestern NJ Presbytery. Also, a dramatic manifestation of God’s creation, the name is also reminiscent of our Scots Presbyterian heritage as a church. This would also echo the name of one of our newest churches, which is relatively close to the center of the geographic region encompassing our new presbytery.