Highlands Presbytery Update – Emails…

The changes just keep on coming…

We have new email addresses for the Presbytery of the Highlands of New Jersey.

Presbytery Leader – [email protected]

Stated Clerk – [email protected]

Presbytery Office – [email protected]

Resource Staff – [email protected]

Financial Manager – [email protected]

What happens if you forget to change it in your email address book?  If you send something to newtonpresbytery.org it will still reach the intended recipient.  The miracle of technology is that that email address will continue to work.

What about the webpage address?

The webpage domain name is officially highlandspresbyterynj.org.  If you type in newtonpresbytery.org it will still get you to The Highlands Presbytery webpage.

What about checks?

CONTINUE TO SEND checks made out to Newton Presbytery. The next steps of the transition include changing the corporation’s name and transitioning the financials from all the presbyteries. We will let you know when that changeover has occurred.

Presbytery Office Signs?

The signs on the Presbytery Office will be changing over this summer. We will let you know when that happens.