Tropical Storm Ida Clean Up Resources

Tropical Storm Ida created a path of destruction across the Northeast and left its scars on New Jersey.

Over the next days and weeks there maybe opportunities for our faith communities to support those who have lost homes, businesses and loved ones.  We will post those opportunities as soon as we are aware of them.

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance and the Board of Pensions has already contacted us on ways they can assist us.

Emergency Assistance Grants from the Board of Pensions can provide relief for individuals, groups, or congregations.  For more information

Presbyterian Disaster Assistance is here to provide support and care for communities and congregations  following natural disasters.

Domestic Grant Descriptions and Reporting Guidelines 2020

How PDA Funds Are Used

PDA Services & Resources 02-21-21

More information will be provided soon. If you have questions please contact Jeanne Radak at [email protected]