Taking a Sabbath Break

Dear Presbytery,

Thank you for all your prayers, notes, texts, and emails over this last couple of weeks as I continue to work with my doctors on issues around my kidney stone.  I truly felt your presence and love while I was in the hospital and in recovery.  I will have my final procedure that will (hopefully) finally remove the kidney stone on Thursday, September 23.

Recently I had worked out with the Coordinating Team and Personnel Committee about taking a mental health (and now a physical health) break.  I was finding that I was mentally exhausted all the time and my creative and spiritual energy have been lagging. I will be on a sabbath break from September 18 until October 12.

While I am on Sabbath Break the presbytery staff is available to answer your questions, resource you and keep things going.  If you have any questions, you can contact any of the staff for assistance. Steve, Sonja, Liz, and Carl are available to support and resource you. Should I be needed the staff knows how to connect with me.  Please connect with the staff if you have questions or needs something.

I look forward to connecting back with you in a few weeks.

Peace to your house,