Manual of Operations Checklist and Information

Manual of Operations Checklist

Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation

  • Bylaws – Most recent copy
  • Copy of Articles of Incorporation
  • Electronic Voting Policy


  • Personnel Policy
  • Staff Position descriptions
  • Volunteer Position descriptions
  • Family Leave Policy
    • Link to Presbytery Family Leave policy for clergy

Insurance and Risk Management

  • Current Insurance Policy
  • Insurance protocols/policies
    • Outside use of the building
    • Church bus/vehicle
    • Travel for church functions
    • Mission trips/Youth group trips


  • Child Protection Policy/Child Abuse Prevention Policy
  • Sexual Misconduct Policy


  • Treasurer’s handbook
  • Gift acceptance Policy
  • Financial Management Policy
  • Endowment/Bequests Policy
  • Memorial Fund Policy
  • Special funds Policies
  • Use of Church credit cards policy
  • Investment Policy
  • List of funds, funds descriptions and use of funds
  • How to be reimbursed or purchase items for church and who authorizes
  • Checking Account policies

Use of Building (s) Policies/guidelines/protocols

  • Leasing the building
  • Outside groups using the building
  • Day Care – Preschool policies
  • Opening and closing the building – Pastor of 30 plus years left for a new call. The first Sunday after he left. The congregation sat in the dark and cold because no one knew the protocols for turning up the heat and turning on the lights.
  • Use of the building by members
  • Other churches using the building
  • Any policies about the manse and manse use

Session manual of Operations

  • Pastor’s position description
  • Staff position descriptions
  • Staff review policies/guidelines these could be in the personnel policy
  • Set up for communion ( session or deacons)
  • Document retention policy
  • ALL of the above policies.
  • Committee structure guidelines or policies
  • Policies about active and inactive members
  • Baptism/Communion authorization policy

Committees, Teams and Groups of the Church

  • Committee/team position descriptions
  • Groups descriptions ( i.e. Youth group, Presbyterian Women, Women’s circles, Men’s groups)
  • Use of Funds by groups
  • Use of Church property for meetings and gatherings.
  • How to schedule a meeting/gatherings

Presbytery Policies or examples/templates