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Presbyterian Week of Action – August 23 -29, 2021

As part of the Matthew 25 Initiative  August 23 -29 is the Presbyterian Week of Action. The theme for this year is “Shades of Oppression, Resistance, and Liberation

The Week of Action has, at its core, the idea of being a visible arm of justice in our communities around the denomination as we stand on the foundations of both Matthew 25 and the Hands & Feet Initiative. The week and theme are crafted to bring attention and action to the plight of those suffering from differing forms of oppressive situations.

August 23 – Middle Eastern Concerns

To begin the Week of Action,  we will focus our attention on the multi-faceted concerns facing our Middle Eastern siblings. In connection to this multi-layered and rich part of the world, we will examine some of the issues in the region that directly impact the oppression experienced by marginalized people as well as the places where liberation are evident.

August 24 – Latinx Community Pride & Systemic and Radicalized Poverty

This day will center voices from the Latinx and Hispanic community. We will uplift the richness of culture that inform the resistance and liberation within the Latinx context. We will also bring light to the deeper realities of oppression faced by many of Latinx and Hispanic origin.

August 25 – LGBTQIA+ Resilience

A day dedicated to celebrating and honoring the resilience our LGBTQIA+ siblings both past and present.

August 26 – Murdered Missing Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit People

Thursday of the Week of Action will create intentional space for navigating the difficult reality of Murdered Missing Indigenous Women, Girls and Two-Spirit People.

August 26 – Ending AAPI Hate

Although there has been a significant rise in the number of physical attacks of AAPI siblings in the United States, during the last year and a half, the racist and xenophobic history of violence and hatred against AAPI women, girls, men, boys, and non-binary people did not begin with the onset of the coronavirus pandemic. It has been a long painful, shameful, and sinful history. On Friday, August 27, 2021, we will raise awareness, develop strategies and action steps toward Ending AAPI Hate.

August 28 – Black Lives Matter

We believe and affirm that Black Lives have, do, and will always Matter. It is a continued priority to uplift the concerns, champions the victories, and center the voices of all our Black siblings. During the Week of Action, Saturday will be devoted to uplifting some the oppressive issues within the Black community as well as highlighting where resistance to injustice is happening and how liberation is a continuing reality.

August 29 – Gun Violence Response and Recognition

Worship services such as liturgy, hymns, prayers and a video minute for mission will be made available in advance for you to use in your church’s service. A Vesper Service will take place at 5pm Eastern for a commemoration of those lost to gun violence and a commitment to action to end gun violence.

21 Day Racial Justice Challenge – PCUSA

What Can we do help dismantle racism?

Confronting deeply ingrained racist systems and structures in our communities and country takes sensitivity and stamina. Before congregations and worshiping communities can confront the harsh realities of racism, it is helpful to have a good foundation.

One good place to start is by taking the 21-Day Racial Justice Challenge, which is well suited to individuals, churches and mid councils. The challenge invites us to do something every day to raise awareness about the perniciousness of racism and encourage action in response to that awareness. The PC(USA) has joined several nonprofits, organizations and school systems in adapting the challenge for our use.

Blogs and Websites

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