Prayer for the time between the Alpha and the Omega

Part of Iona Abbey is the Cloisters. On the pillars of the cloisters are carvings.  There are carvings on the capitals of the pillars at the four corners of the cloisters. The represent stories and scripture from the Bible: Alpha and Omega, the raising of Lazarus, sharing bread and wine, and the parable of the mustard seed.

One of the carvings is a face surrounded by knotwork and scrolling plants, hair flowing out like water.

In the Book of Revelation  Christ calls himself the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning, and the end. In our daily lives we have beginnings and endings and a lot of  life flows  in between.

Today think  of all that happens between the beginning and ending of the day.  What are those places in between do you see God at work.


God, Maker:
God, Lover of Souls:
God, inspirer;
help us to see,
through all the moments in between
the beginning and the end,
that you are there,
our beginning and our end.

Adapted from A Pilgrim’s Guide to Iona Abbey by Chris Polhill