More COVID milestones make the headlines recently.  We have reached 1 million deaths attributed to COVID.  That’s a number none of us had hoped to reach. There have been reported 82.6 million cases of COVID. The number is going up quickly. With home test kits which are not reported to the health department, the number of cases is probably higher.

Worldwide there have been 522 million reported COVID cases and 6.27 million deaths.

82.6%  of the US population has had at least 1 dose of the Covid vaccine which is up from 76% reported in February.  73.3 million plus cases have been diagnosed and 912,000  have died in the United States.

We all have lost a loved one or know someone who has died because of the Covid Virus.

As we reach the #1000000 milestone let us pause, reflect and remember.


Creator of the whole family in heaven and on earth, we remember those who have been lost to this virus. We pause and remember. Gracious God, stand by those who sorrow, that, as they lean on your strength, they may be upheld, and believe the good news of the life beyond life, through Jesus Christ or Lord. Amen.