Kenyan Connection Rewards Women Beyond Expectations

Little did the Presbyterian Women of Long Valley Presbyterian Church realize in 2000, when they committed themselves to four years of financial support for a young Kenyan girl’s secondary school education, that they would be rewarded beyond good feelings of having acted charitably.  But in May, 2018, when the object of their financial support came to visit among them, they experienced rewards  beyond their imagining 18 years prior.

The women of LVPC welcomed Rachel Nyambura into their midst as she was enabled to come to Newton Presbytery to be a participant in the celebration of 25+ years of Newton Presbytery’s partnership with Kenyan Presbyterians.  With Rachel’s presence among them for three weeks, they deepened a true relationship between themselves that has buoyed their spirits and cemented a lifetime bond as mothers and daughter.

The LVPC PW’s experience is one more example of the rewarding nature that engagement in the Newton-Nairobi Partnership has brought to those who have interacted with Christians of another land and culture who are truly sisters and brothers in Christ, extended family members waiting to be discovered and enjoyed for the enrichment of your life and spirit.

You can read the personal and intimate reflections of Sally Strusz and Carol Procter, PW principals at LVPC, as well as Rachel’s by clicking here