Statistical Report Addendum

Statistical Report Addendum

As a new Presbytery we need to collect information from each church for our records.
Clerk of Session


Does your church have a copy of the following:
Please check all that apply.


Does your church have a manse?
Does your church have a cemetery?
Is the cemetery owned by the church?
Is the cemetery active?
Is the cemetery listed as Historic?
Does the church have a preschool?
Is the preschool owned/operated by the church?


PLEASE PROVIDE NAMES AND EMAILS FOR ALL. If you need more space click the "+" button to the right of each leader heading.
Stewardship/Finance Leaders
Property Leaders
Youth Leaders
Christian Education Contact
Communication Person(s)
Administrator or Office Manager

Special Gifts to the Presbytery of the Highlands of New Jersey

Celebration of Ordination Anniversary – Rev. Barbara Ewton

Prayer for Christ the King Celebration

Celebration of Ordination Anniversary – Rev. Claire Pula

Pastor Positions in The Presbytery of the Highlands

Resourcing and Support/Stated Clerk position available

Financial Management Workshop – Resources and Recording are Available !

Prayer for Veterans Day